Meet the Boys

Boothcreek Fredrik
BBSAI Reg. #BCR03185507AB
December 2018

December 2018

When I decided to raise Blackbellies, I had only three requirements:

1. Good personality. I prefer to not be gored or chased by bad tempered animals. A ram is 50% of your breeding herd and a miserable attitude can be passed on

2. Excellent conformation. There is no such thing as a perfect animal, but with careful balancing of an ewe and a ram's conformation, a shepherd can help improve the breed.

3. Fast, symmetrical horn growth. Barbados Blackbellies are polled and American Blackbellies are horned. Horns are a recessive, sex-linked gene that has to be carefully analyzed to increase the odds of quality horns
When I decided to raise registered purebred Blackbellies, I took a lot of time to research bloodlines and pictures. On the verge of expanding my search to Alberta to find an unrelated bloodline to my newly purchased ewes, I found Boothcreek Ranch in Cranbrook, BC.

Boothcreek Fredrik was born in the spring of 2018. Carefully bred for horn growth and shape that would not interfere his face, he was perfect. As far as Blackbellies are concerned, Fred is a mellow sheep and prefers to hide in the middle of the flock. The ewes rule the pasture around here and he's quite okay with that. I have been very pleased with his lambs that he sired this year.